CHANEL Paris Fashion Week SS 2015


This year, Chanel created revolutionary new designs that flowed well into the modern era. Karl Lagerfeld reinvented the term casual-chic and made some of the most stunning creations off the runway that inspire a new millennia of out there choices. The pieces had hints of couture, but they were mostly brand new takes on bold tones and current cuts. He was even quoted on being inspired by the contemporary “slinky” dress. The show was presented stunningly well with simplistic aspects (as always) with a couture feel. When the show was over, instead of clapping like usual, Karl organized a feminist riot with picket fences depicting the words, “History is her story,” ‘Ladies First,” accompanied by several other feminist quotes in english and in french.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.30.29 PM

The designs were reminiscent of everyday life with details that pointed toward high fashion. The detail that I felt was exemplified was the choice of fabric. He chose wild prints that faintly resemble abstract pieces of artwork. He also played around with the way the clothes rested on the body. The loose fit of the suits challenged the ideal that in order for a womens suit to be in, it has to have a tight, feminine figure to it. By creating a more androgynous feel to the clothing, Lagerfeld really brought the concept of feminism in his show to life. The more feminine looks were also stunning and were daring in their own respects. With the more traditionally delicate design Karl is known for, he brought to the table new patterns on old fits to make them fresh and aesthetically pleasing.The color choices made were up to his Grade A taste and they are bringing a few of the jewel tones in from the previous fall/winter season back to the foregrounds.

Once again, we see the way Karl Lagerfeld has pushed the boundaries of what we would consider normal. Per his style, we see a unique brand of handbag that brings his creations to a whole new level. We see that this year he has brought slim, yet bulky clutches and over the shoulder bags. This so perfectly clashes with the sleek bagginess he has created in the garments themselves, tying everything together to make the perfect rebellious look.

I found it very interesting that Karl seldom used heels in this show. This was probably due to the theme of his feminist movement. I also noticed that the styling on the models was very nude in the makeup and rough with the hair. This was most likely in order to bring an extra element of toughness to his collection this season.

This was one of my favorite shows of Fashion Week in Paris so far, will keep up with PFW. Stay tuned for more posts!!!!!


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